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There is so much to do to prepare for buying your house. This includes

  • Opening your bank account in France
  • Deciding how to finance your property
  • Currency exchange

Most people leave these things until they find their house and then they are not in a position to get the best value for money as everything happens so quickly at that point.

To find out more about any of these items just read on below. You can also print this page out to read at a later stage.

Setting up a French bank account
Before you find the property that you wish to buy there is one other thing that it is as well to get on with – setting up a bank account, so that when you find your dream property you have everything in place financially and there will not be a last minute panic. PWT recommends Crédit Agricole Britline, an English-speaking postal/internet branch used by the majority of the British in France.
What to do: If you wish to open an account it is quite a detailed affair and PWT will be happy to work on your behalf helping you get your bank account opened. It may take some time, so start soon! For help just email PWT at info@normandylife.com and include "Bank information" in the subject box.

Deciding how to finance your property
Again this can take some time (months) and the problem is that once you have found your house you will only have a fixed number of days to sort your mortgage or loan out, should you need one. So it is best to do the ground work now. You have the choice of British or French mortgages or loans. You will need to take the advice of specialist financial advisors as everyone's circumstances are different and unique.
What to do: If you wish to apply for a mortgage or loan PWT will be happy to refer you to a specialist financial advisor. For help just email PWT at info@normandylife.com and include "Financial Advisor" in the subject box.

Currency exchange: transferring your pounds into euros in the most economical way
Whether you're buying a dream holiday home or investing in overseas property fluctuating exchange rates can make a huge difference to the price you finally pay. 

 Why use a currency broker?

1) They offer a better rate of exchange, thus enabling you to save money.

2) They watch the exchange rates on your behalf.  This is a big help because during every minute of every day the exchange rates go up and they go down depending upon a large number of economic factors. Each time it goes up or down it vastly affects the property purchase price.   You can save eye-watering amounts of money - literally thousands of pounds by doing this.

For an excellent foreign currency service with the best exchange rates, go to Moneycorp - why would you pay for second best when you can have the best prices and the best service for the same money? To find out more information and to sign up please go to