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Philippa Weitz, PWT Overseas' Managing Director is based in western Normandy and in the UK in Brighton. She can be can be contacted at + 33 (0)6 19 17 34 61, or in the UK on 07880 501 116.

Through our partner agencies we have an excellent portfolio of properties - so there is plenty to choose from - from ruins to châteaux, holidays homes to gîtes businesses. Whatever your budget, whatever your reason for buying - we have the house for you!

PWT NormandyLife
47 Tidy Street

Tel: 01273 626 756
Email: info@NormandyLife.com

We warmly welcome visits but would ask you to make an appointment well in advance so as to avoid disappointment.

Agency Information – Terms and Conditions

In France PWT works exclusively with Delamarche Immobilier in southern Manche,and for the rest of Normandy and elsewhere in France it works exclusively with The French Property Agents. PWT’s role is to introduce you to both agencies and to facilitate your purchase with English speaking staff. .All real estate in France is regulated. Philippa Weitz the MD of PWT is also an agent with both Delamarche and FPA, and carries professional card number  450 issued by the préfecture of  Dordogne for her work through FPA. For her work with Delamarche Immobilier she has professional card No 98T - 67G issued by the préfecture de la Manche.

Should you proceed to a purchase all your dealings will be with either Delamarche or FPA, and not with PWT, which merely acts as an introducer.

Agents' fees are usually around 7% of the price of the property you buy, including any extras, and  become payable on final signature for the purchase.

Although PWT provides an additional service by introducing you there is NO FURTHER FEE payable to PWT as we will share the agency commission.
We never knowingly provide false information about a property or development. However most of our information is provided by the seller or by other third parties, and we make no warranty as to the accuracy of the information provided.
PWT does not carry out any legal checks on the properties that we offer for sale – for example, to make sure that they have good legal title and planning permission and that they are free of debt. In France French law requires certain inspections to be carried out,, similar to the house buyers report.  However, whilst the agencies ask for full paperwork from the vendor to confirm planning permissions, title etc, the notaire’s role is to double check this and to carry out the required local searches. 
Any contract that you make will be between you and the seller.  This contract is preapred by the notaire.
We would always urge you to ensure you know the property well before signing anything, and strongly recommend that you take good independent legal advice regarding both the financial and legal sides of the purchase. We can recommend a suitably qualified solicitor in the UK should you require this.  This should be from a lawyer who has experience of the law in France and who is familiar with dealing with the special requirements of British people buying there. In many cases it is also a good idea to seek tax advice as to the best way of structuring your purchase and as to the tax consequences of owning a property in France. Again we will be able to put you in touch with a suitably qualified professional to advise you. Getting advice at this stage may save you many thousands of pounds later on.

Any guarantees provided
Any guarantees provided in connection with your property purchase, such as rental income, mortgage availability or completion dates, are, without exception, provided by the seller and not by us and we are not responsible for them.
If any problems arise with your purchase – for example, difficulties in communication or delay in the delivery of the property – we will try to act as an intermediary between you and the seller but we cannot be held responsible for those problems. We will also assist you by liaising, where necessary, with your notaries, lawyers and any other parties in involved in the purchase.