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No goods will be despatched until the payments have been received and cleared.

Post and Packaging is charged at the same same for either France or the UK. You should allow 28 days for delivery. You will always be issued with a receipt.

Our legal role in the house-buying chain

PWT represents Delamarche Immobilier and FPA in France and, in its own right, PWT has no legal status as an estate agent in France.

PWT cannot be held liable for the accuracy of any descriptions provided. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the descriptions provided, and, before purchase, to satisfy yourself that you have carried out all the necessary checks to ensure that the property you are buying has no flaws. Under French law it is your responsibility to check this and PWT urges you to carry out this research vigorously prior to purchase.

Professional Card

Philippa Weitz the MD of PWT is also an agent with both Delamarche and FPA, and carries professional card number  450 issued by the préfecture of  Dordogne for her work through FPA. For her work with Delamarche Immobilier she has professional card No 98T - 67G issued by the préfecture de la Manche. She is authorised to work as a Négotiator in France for all real estate operations.

Please ensure that when you work with British agents in France that they have a professional card. It is illegal to carry out any aspect of real estate work in France without a valid professional card.