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For French accents on a normal computer (not a laptop) turn on [Num Lock] and then use number key pad to right of keyboard, together with the [ALT] key.

On a laptop hold the blue [Fn] key down and use the keys that have the numbers in blue printed on them.

é    [Alt] +[1][3][0]              è    [Alt] +[1][3][8]               ê    [Alt] +[1][3][6]

â    [Alt] +[1][3][1]              à    [Alt] +[1][3][3]

ç    [Alt] +[1][3][5]

î     [Alt] +[1][4][0]

ô    [Alt] +[1][4][7]              ò    [Alt] +[1][4][9]

ù    [Alt] +[1][5][1]              û    [Alt] +[1][5][0]

€    [Alt Gr] + [4]