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Ring 0820 904 212 for help in sorting out the red tape regarding health.

You may make your move to France gradually or you may sell up and move all in one go - whatever you do it seems that the health system beats a lot of people. Recently a help line has been set up to help the British with their Health Service related questions.

EXAMPLE: One of our students was recently having a problem and contacted the helpline - this was her feedback about the helpshe received:

"Having applied for and received my Carte Européenne d'Assurance Maladie ( the replacement in France for the E111) I was confused as to why there was a problem with issuing one to my husband.  My local Sécurité Sociale office could not explain why this could not be done - lots of shrugging of shoulders and throwing hands in the air - so I contacted the French Health Insurance Advice Line.  Within three days he had received a temporary certificate, and within another two days he had received his Carte Européenne.  They were most courteous and helpful, and if I were to have any similar problems in the future, I would not hesitate to contact them again"

This is an  experiment being run for 6 months.Feedback about this hotmail would be useful - please email this to info@NormandyLife.com